Say “No” + Declutter

Tonight, I made the very difficult decision to un-enroll from my two Coursera courses. It has been barely over a week since the courses started, and I have only managed to watch the introduction/overview lecture for Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes (which was fascinating). Between training for a half-marathon that’s barely 3 weeks away, increased responsibilities as a Sauder Business Club of Toronto Director, and starting a new job that requires a 2+ hour round-trip commute, I just don’t have enough hours in a day to make it all work. Rather than clinging on and then feeling like a failure when I inevitably renege on the commitment, I’d rather make the reasonable decision to say “no” now – under my own terms.

Additionally, my inbox is nightmarish right now, so I decided to de-clutter by unsubscribing to several Meetup and LinkedIn group emails. It will feel great to not have to deal with a burgeoning inbox and the guilt from deleting aforementioned emails without reading them!

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, give these tips a try!