Born in Manila, raised in Vancouver, and currently in Toronto

Production Manager, Creative & Communications at Free The Children and Me to We

Director, Sauder Business Club of Toronto

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Major in Human Resources Management from Sauder School of Business at UBC

Passionate about employee engagement, authentic leadership, innovative business strategy, world-changing social enterprise, and awesome women (both real and fictional)

Fascinated by highly successful companies and learning what they do differently to reach the top, specifically in the areas of human resources and marketing (e.g. winning the hearts and minds of both employees and customers)

Avid reader, especially business and professional development (check out my Actionable Books summaries) and young adult fiction (check out my Goodreads)

Type A to the max, harbouring a lifelong love affair with productivity and to-do lists

Love running, cycling, and swimming (completed a sprint triathlon in 2011)

Nerdy about grammar, board games, online comics, and truly excellent television

Aspiring domestic goddess whose kitchen creations often play a starring role on Instagram

Sincerely believe in the goodness of humankind and giving back to the community, especially helping those in need

Blessed beyond belief with an amazing family and wonderful friends, and intentional with expressing my gratitude every single day


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